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Sorry - image missingPlease note that GPS co-ordinates relate to the Spanish Grid as used by the Catastro (The Spanish official land registry) which is UTM 30 ETRS89.

If you have a Garmin etrex then it should be set as follows:





These settings should bring you to within a couple of metres of true. If in doubt, the co-ordinates of the spring (the one with a millstone on top of it) in front of Bar Zafra are 519394 / 4183249.
Sorry - image missingRoute: 1

Name: Rio Castril Walk

Difficulty: Easy - 3.5 to 4 hours.

Height variation: 900 - 750m.

Start GPS co-ordinates: 519447 / 4183159

Description of walk:

A pleasant easy walk to take up a morning after a flight or a difficult day. The track follows the east bank of Rio Castril to the bridge that crosses the river and then back to Castril on the west bank. There is plenty to see in the form of flora as well as old buildings.

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Sorry - image missingRoute: 2

Name: Around Castril

Difficulty: Easy - with hills. 2 hours.

Height variation: 900 - 840m.

Start GPS co-ordinates: 519392 / 4182936

Description of walk:

A pleasant walk with excellent views of Castril and the Peña. Some steep parts which some of us may notice. Includes a stop in the Tourist Office.

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Sorry - image missingRoute: 3

Name: Puentezuelo clifftop walk

Difficulty: Easy with hills. 2hr 10mins.

Height variation: 927 - 1075m.

Start GPS co-ordinates: 519394 / 4183249

Description of walk:

A very pleasant walk with stupendous views of the whole area. Very interesting caves at El Batán.

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Sorry - image missingRoute: 4

Name: Fire Lookout

Difficulty: Easy - moderate. Some long climbs on tracks and some fields to cross. 3hr 20mins.

Height variation: 806 - 1124m

Start GPS co-ordinates: 519399 / 4183240

Description of walk:

An easy walk without steep slopes, except for a short scramble down through olive groves. Amazing views.

See also Wikiloc data

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Sorry - image missingRoute: 5

Name: Source of Rio Castril

Difficulty: Easy- 8.5km drive then linear walk. 50mins one way.

Height variation: 1170 - 1275m

Start GPS co-ordinates: 521938 / 4193740

Description of walk:

Amazingly spectacular views along an easy walk to the source of the river. Some stony ground but no climbing or scrambling.

One can actually walk this from Castril town, but it adds over 8km to the walk. This is the start of many longer walks.

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Sorry - image missingRoute: 6

Name: Cerrada de Lézar.

Difficulty: Easy. 1hr 20min.

Height variation: 1025 - 1100m.

Start GPS co-ordinates: 519615 / 4188925

Description of walk:

Spectacular walk to a gorge that cuts into sheer cliffs. Practically no scrambling and all reasonably fit people should be able to enjoy this fantastic walk. In the absence of transport, it is possible (although tortuous) to walk from Castril town essentially following route 3 and following the main road from the junction to the east of Puentezuelo.

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Sorry - image missingRoute: 7

Name: Cerrada de Túnez.

Difficulty: Easy - medium. 1hr 50mins.

Height variation: 1170 - 1390m.

Start GPS co-ordinates: 521938 / 4193740

Description of walk:

Shortish walk with some steep slopes and some scree, but well worth the journey to be at the bottom of this enormous gorge. Track is poor in places and there is quite a bit of foliage to go through, but this shouldn't put one off. Well worthwhile.

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Sorry - image missingRoute: 8

Name: Barranco de La Osa.

Difficulty: Medium - difficult. Some steep climbs and a fair amount of scree. 3hr 40mins.

Height variation: 1170 - 1513m.

Start GPS co-ordinates: 522106 / 4195683

Description of walk:

Scenic walk with wonderful views of the Castril valley. Lots of stone steps and a shallow cave.

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Sorry - image missingRoute: 9

Name: La Magdalena.

Difficulty: A stroll in the (national) park! 40 minutes.

Height variation: 1013 - 1134 metres.

Start GPS co-ordinates: 521154 / 4191747

Description of walk:

This is a very easy walk but with a huge reward in the form of 'La cerrada de la Magdalena'. Could be done as a warm up to Route 5 or any other of the routes that start at the end of the road.

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Sorry - image missingRoute: 11

Name: Barranco de Túnez.

Difficulty: Medium.

Height variation: 1,170 - 1,419.

Start GPS co-ordinates:

Description of walk:

Spectacular walk up the cliffs above Río Castril and following along Río Túnez. A fair bit of scree so stout boots essential. Best done after a prolonged period without rain.

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Sorry - image missingRoute: 12

Name: La Bolera

Difficulty: Easy

Height variation:

Start GPS co-ordinates: 508261 / 4183971

Description of walk:

A pleasant walk through woods and along the reservoir and the river Guadalentín. Access is by car (ideally a 4X4). After crossing the bridge over the La Bolera dam, we take the second right that has a large board and 'Senderismo' signs. Following the main road for about 5 km, we see the 'Centro de Interpretación'. Carrying on for about 1 km, we see a parking areaand an information sign.

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