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Route 15 - Barrancos Picón and Canalejas.

Sorry - image missingTime: 0 mins.

Location: Rear of Cortijo de Saludá alta.

GPS: 521757 / 4192757

We start this walk from the first driveable track on the right after the second bridge (Puente del Pino Hermoso), where we park the car (521756 / 4192704). To get to this site, we drive from Castril (see Route 5). We climb up behind (to the east of) the metal fence which is the eastern boundary of Cortijo de Saludá Alta which is an excellent hostal. From where we are, we can see the hostal's water tank behind the fence. From the cortijo we head north for a few yards whilst looking for an area whereby we can scramble almost vertically upward in the direction due east. There is no recognisable path so it is just a case of looking for the best route.
Sorry - image missingTime: 30 mins.

Location: Cliffs above the hostal.

GPS: 521892 / 4192761

Somewhat higher, we pass under a black rock wall and we find ourselves looking at two rock pinnacles in the south south westerly direction. Eventually we pass close to these pinnacles. The path is marked, but not very well, so it is worth having a good look around before moving on.
Sorry - image missingTime: 50 mins.

Location: Cortijo del Picón

GPS: 522069 / 4192465

We approach the ruins of Cortijo del Picón. It is worth spending some time here as there are a number of outcrops whereby excellent photographs can be taken.
Sorry - image missingTime: 1hr 30 mins.

Location: Unnamed ruined cortijo

GPS: 522241 / 4192364

We head due east on a clearly marked path whereby we come across another cortijo in ruins. Behind (to the east) of this cortijo is a forestry track. We walk to the track and follow to the left (north).
Sorry - image missingTime: 2hr 0 mins.

Location: Cortijo de las Canalejas

GPS: 523114 / 4192109

We follow the forestry road until we get to a T junction at 522847 / 4193108. Here we turn right and follow the road until we arrive at the ruined cortijo.
Sorry - image missingTime: 1hr 30 mins.

Location: Barranco de las Canalejas

GPS: 523290 / 4192205

We are now on Route 14 which we follow back down to the main road and back to the car.